We support companies to improve and design their processes through technological innovation interventions. In this way, we help our clients to answer the needs of an increasingly dynamic and competitive market
Our strength comes from a variety of different expertise, ranging from mechanics and automation to metallurgy and materials science, a strong goal-oriented method that comes from our practical experiences with high-end customers, and an analytical approach from years of scientific research
Our mission is to improve manufacturing processes, making them faster, cheaper and more flexible, combining existing solutions with new ideas for enhanced efficiency and versatility of production processes

Nextema Laser Processing designs and manufactures laser-based plants for surface laser hardening and direct metal deposition applications. Also, we offer third parties treatments using the robotic laser-cell installed in our facility.

Nextema Robotics is dedicated to the design, development and providing of traditional and collaborative robotics integrated solutions, capable of automating the different production processes in the manufacturing industry.

Nextema Manufacturing, Engineering & Tech operates in the fields of foundry processes engineering and metal components manufacturing via additive manufacturing technologies (Selecitve Laser Melting, SLM)

Nextema Consulting offers business consultancy for Industry 4.0. Thanks to our varied skills such as mechanics, industrial processes, automation and robotics, engineering management and materials science, we can range over different business areas.